Wish.com Reviews 2020 : Is It Legit Or Scam?

Hello all & welcome to TechnoDistrict! So today we are going to discuss the Wish.com website and we will see how it works, in fact, does it even work and will clear some common doubts shoppers are having in their minds.

So Wish.com can be accessed through desktop but most of their traffic originates from mobile devices as they have dedicated apps for android & iOS. Wish mainly deals with buying products for cheap from Chinese stores and selling them to you with profit margins. Fair enough! Every business does that but the thing is there are very few Chinese sellers that provide quality goods so it’s like a trial and error method of shopping. You might get a gem but many times you will receive a product that isn’t worth the money.

It’s still a good platform though as the products are really innovative and don’t cost much. In fact, you can apply the wish promo code for existing customers and enjoy instant discounts. There are many sites that provide wish coupons but for us, WishCouponCode.com is a winner and we recommend it for every Wish shopper.

Wish uses a very clever marketing strategy by providing products for free. Well, they do give them for free but you still have to pay for the shipping that surely kills the deal. Overall, it’s a good platform, it has tons of products that you’ll rarely find on Amazon.

So we will suggest you buy products from wish which are priced between $1-$50. Don’t spend more than $50, that’s what we recommend to our users. Let’s know in the comments, how was your shopping experience at Wish.

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