Who is Founder of PUBG? – Story behind the PUBG Game

In today’s time, we can play a lot of advanced and reality games so that we could never have dreamed in our dreams, and nowadays, in these games, there is a lot of discussion in the games, which is called Player Unknown Battlegrounds. In short, form known as PUBG.

Founder of PUBG


This game has won the hearts of Game Lovers within a few months and this is why today its popularity is peak and millions of people around the world like to play this game.

In PUBG, 100 players are taken off on an island with the help of a parachute. Where they have to fight each other till the end. Every single one of them wants to be the last one standing and win.  Yo can play pubg mobile on Pc using PUBG  Emulator.

Players can either play alone or they can make their own team of 2 or 4 players and get into the ground, They loot homes and hunting for weapons, armor and many different things, which are used to fight with each other. And at the game’s end, the player gets in-game currency, which is based on the time survival and other players being killed in a game. And these currency is used to buy weapons and other things inside the game.

So far it’s been a matter of gameplay but let’s now know how this game started and who made this game?

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Founder of PUBG

The credit goes mainly to Brandon Green, who is a designer and director for Pubg Game, and Brandon is also known as PlayerUnknown on the online stage.

Founder of PUBG

Brandon was not a game designer since the beginning of his career. He was Irish-born photographer, graphic designer, and web designer and loved playing games from the beginning. He used to live in Brazil for his work.

Brandon liked to play video games like Delta Force, Black Hawk Down and America’s Army. He was very impressed while playing a game DAY’Z and then decided to make a career in the game industry. Along with this decision, he was very inspired by a Japanese film called Battle Royale.

To enter a game industry he learned a little bit of programming, and then in the process of finding the loopholes in other games and make changes.

Influenced by his very different thinking, Sony Online Entertainment incorporated as a consultant for the development of H101 games in his company.

After the completion of the work, Branden said goodbye to the company. There was a person have the same thinking like Brandon named Chang Hang Kim has a game development company in South Korea. And the name of this company was GINNO GAMES.

Later in January 2015, it was renamed to Blue Hole. At that time Chang Hang Kim was also planning to make a Battle royal game. He started research to create a game.

They came to know about the potential of Brandon and then he shared the concept of making his game with Brandon by calling him to South Korea and after meeting, they decided to work
together on a Pubby game.

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After work gets started, a 1-year deadline has been kept and initially, 35 developers were engaged in the development of the game, but as the need increased the numbers increased and went 70.

In March 2017 early access beta program of the game has been launched which was highly liked to gamers. After correcting some shortcomings, on December 20, 2017, PUBG was released for all and then again in February 2018 it was launched for Android and iOS and thus people now enjoy this game from their mobile phones.

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