What Is A Mechanical Keyboard?

What Actually Mechanical Keyboard Is?

Alright…This was the question I was asking when writing this article. There are many good reasons why one might prefer a mechanical keyboard over a traditional membrane keyboard. But I think before giving a personal opinion I would like to give some introduction about what are mechanical keyboards.

Little About Mechanical Keyboard

A person who spends much time in front of the computer must need good equipment to experience.

Well, that’s precisely what mechanical keyboards are about. They offer us the best possible typing experience that a keyboard can give. Its technology is not new, in the sense that mechanical keyboards existed first, and were later replaced by membrane keyboards.

More often they have not disappeared and remains very valid among a select group of users who still appreciate its advantages. Among them, we find professional Gamers, writers, programmers.

What Is A Mechanical Keyboard?

As the name implies, its construction is based on individual mechanical mechanisms for each of the keys that produce a sensation of feedback to the pulsation and a very characteristic “click” sound. If you use 20 years old computer, then you already had one of them. What happened over time and why they were replaced by membrane keyboards? Basically, they are much cheaper to manufacture, they do not produce as much noise when typing as mechanics, and they adapted to the needs of the average user.

However, what makes mechanical keyboards so special over membrane keyboards is their incredible responsive response to touch. With a traditional keyboard, you tend to have many episodes in which the key is not recognized if you do not press to the bottom. However, mechanical keyboards have a much higher sensitivity to pressure and halfway when pressed, it already registers the key, plus it emits a sound and tactile feedback that lets you know that you have pressed the key.

Pros & Cons

A mechanical keyboard usually lasts ten times more than a membrane keyboard, due to the better quality of its components. This directly affects the price and makes the mechanical keyboards more expensive than the classic ones.

Since very often you become attached to your own game or work tools, the greater longevity of the mechanical keyboard can be a preferential feature at the time of purchase.

Disassembling the keys of a mechanical keyboard is very simple. Consequently, it is equally simple to clean them, promoting their greater simplicity. This operation is almost impossible with membrane keyboards which are assembled so that they cannot be disassembled by anyone.


If you are a gamer or if you use the keyboard for work, the mechanical one offers longer life, speed, and precision. We talked about mechanical keyboard produces more “noise” that can be advantageous in a gaming context but that might not be appreciated in working contexts, especially in crowded offices.

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