Jigsaw Puzzle Bravo: Your New Favorite Puzzle Game

People used to play Jigsaw puzzle by creating a picture on a flat rectangular surface, which was then cut down to pieces and mixed up for putting them together again that wasn’t much fun at all, but now things have changed from cardboard to a video game and are loved by many people. Now it’s easy for everyone to play as your favorite game is just a few taps away from your mobile device. People now think of the past how difficult it was that they had to cut an image with no graphics, of course, no cameras were introduced at that time, so people had to draw with just a dull pencil and used two colors to draw lines and the image.

In the early 1900s, it was quite a challenge for people, when they had to find pieces which weren’t very easy for them because of the single color lining, yeah it was challenging, and they used to skip meals over finding just one right piece. I wonder how difficult it would’ve been for them to complete one single puzzle. Jigsaw puzzle became such a hobby that people began making images over more significant places, some used their house wall to draw a picture like a jigsaw to make the wall look beautiful. With the passage of time jigsaw drawings were used on the dresses and even now people as it printed on their shirts. At that time companies that manufactured jigsaw puzzles started a contest where who so ever will complete the jigsaw puzzle first will get a prize, there were 3 prizes for the first three puzzle solvers after a while a few TV shows were introduced, where they would make people solve the puzzle in the given amount of time where if they had completed it would get a reward for it. Each week more and more people started buying and becoming part of weekly TV shows. It was easier to take care of kids at that time who fell in love with the inexpensive jigsaw puzzles. It wasn’t a big deal for parents to get it for them.

With all that inspiration and people who loved puzzles, Jigsaw Puzzles Bravo is introduced on Google Play Store and App Store, where now we can find perfect gameplay, graphics and much more. Well, I found the game quite addictive when I played for the first time, I never thought it’s going to be this much fun. Graphics exceeding one’s expectations, easy to play and the most fantastic thing is you can use any picture you want and the Jigsaw puzzle Bravo will turn it into a puzzle for you.


High definition graphics is a requirement for every gamer nowadays young or adult but what’s more can you get from a game well let us tell you, a perfect user interface, easy to control, and updates when a person reaches the max level! An ideal puzzle enjoyed by families. Easy to zoom in and out when needed after all an HD picture you can’t refuse to look at and the most incredible feature is you can complete a puzzle with maximum pieces make it challenging for you as much as you think you can handle and each puzzle you complete claim a reward for it. With no limits to rewards you’ll always feel the urge to play more and more that’s jigsaw puzzle bravo for you!

What does it contain?

Fresh puzzles every day, images of best quality, music, and the most challenging part is if you think you can handle the toughest puzzle in time set a Timed Mode for it and if you are feeling tired why don’t you try a calming picture of your favorite place to hang out? Just a tap away it is, 30 different categories to choose from, well what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite image and get started.

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