How To Use Google Hangouts Share Screen 2020 with 8 Steps

Hangouts are being used more and more, gaining more features and capabilities, with other tools such as a Skype video call or Apple Facetime calls. One of the interesting features is the ability to share my screen with coworkers, friends or assistance with the computer through a Hangout.

While most of the people use Teamviewer software for sharing a screen, only a few people much know about it. So That’s the reason we came to guide you on how to share screen on google hangouts. Let’s get started with the steps below…

Steps To Use Google Hangouts Share Screen:

  • Step 1: First of all, If you want to use hangout on PC then, logged in – in your Gmail account. Then click on the apps button on the right upper corner, you will get the hangout app. <
  • Step 2: There two ways to make calls from PC.

Google Hangouts Share Screen

Click on the “+” button down the left side. There appears a page showing frequent contacts that allow you to create a room to make a group video call or you can simply add their Number / Emails / Name > click on contact and make a video call.

how to share screen on hangouts mobile

There is a button on the home screen of the hangout app “VIDEO CALL” Click on that. Enter the list of contacts which you want to make a call, and click on “INVITE”.

  • Step 3: Now you have to find the “Share Screen” button, On the right upper corner. Just click it once.

  • Step 4: When you click on the “Share screen” button, all the people in the group call are able to monitor your screen. It means, your every action is visible to all the members. In fact, there are also two options.

Your entire screen: If you want to share your entire screen click on this button.

A specific window: You can also share any individually open window. It means, there’s a possibility to share required folders. Make sure that, you need to show all the shared files in Full-screen mode because you are using Google Hangouts.

  • Step 5: After selecting the list of shared items, click the “share” button down to the right side. You can see such a button only in Google Chrome. In the case of other browsers, it can be seen as “Start Screen share“.
  • Step 6: Remember that it takes some time to load. A few seconds later, the selected items will start sharing with all the participants.
  • Step 7: After the successful loading of shared items, you must click on the “Present to everyone” button. Now you can see the selected screen is visible to all the participants.

You can also choose Video resolution, Audio, and Speaker setting while sharing a screen.

  • Step 8: Doing all this, you will get access to perform actions on the shared window. You will also use various tools while conversation. Choose “Desktop“, where you could easily explain all that is being done on the screen, while others use your WebCam.
  • This is my first screen:

This is the second one:


  • Step 9: Finally, you can exit the shared screen by clicking on the “Stop” button on the taskbar.

Troubleshoot Problems 

Sometimes, screen sharing won’t work in Google Hangouts. In such cases, check the internet connection and other network interruptions. Here are the two things that are recommended:

  1. Better to change the browser. Instead of Opera and Internet Explorer, use Google Chrome as a default browser.
  2. Delete the browser history and cache. It refreshes the browser and reduces sudden network glitches.

Final Conclusion

Google Hangouts screen share is 100% easy to share the screen when you compare other alternatives. Also, the video quality is outstanding and Google also integrating more features in it. Feel free to drop comments in the below section. Thank you for landing on this page.


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