In this pandemic, a huge number of people are staying at home, and we do not have any genuine work to do. We are just looking for ways for passing time on the phone playing some video games or doing something that makes us excited and keeps us busy. PUBG Mobile is the best option at this time. It has clearly intended to be played on handheld gadgets which means you can play it at home on virtually any PC or phone. 

Gameloop Emulator

Gameloop is the best PUBG Mobile emulator that lets you run cell phone applications and mess around on your PC. It offers a gigantic list of titles to look over. You can play games using the game loop emulator, including PUBG Mobile. Gameloop is a protected and secure emulator that utilizes the SSL to interface your PC to its users. Gameloop guarantees smooth ongoing interaction with complete fulfillment. It is conceivable to scan the information base for various applications and games. The emulator brings the outcomes that you can get to utilizing thumbnails with insignificant exertion. 

Steps to follow for removing lag in Gameloop PUBG Mobile 

It isn’t unexpected to confront lag while playing the PUBG Mobile game in Gameloop. As, PUBG needs huge space, memory, processor, and graphic card, it can lessen the overall performance while you are playing the PUBG Mobile. Then again, there could be few other genuine reasons behind the game not perform at its best. Along these lines, to fix the lag, you can follow the steps mentioned below: 

Step 1:

You have to restart your PC, clean up your undesirable applications, projects, and records. 

Step 2:

Set the screen resolution according to your requirement, make a couple of random improvements to the settings of the emulator which may work. 

Step 3:

Download the updated version of Gameloop in case if you do not have one. Make changes to the setting so that it can perform at its best. 

Step 4:

Install the most potent graphics driver which is compatible. Moreover, install all the drivers which are required for the operating system and also download the most updated Windows.


After you have read this article, you got complete information about the ways to fix the lag in PUBG Mobile emulator. Although these are not the only steps but these are the easiest and best method for sure. Just follow the steps described above and enjoy your smooth gaming experience with the gameloop emulator.

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