10 Best similar games like Fall Guys for Android and iOS

After PUBG and Human Fall Flat, Fall guys is gaining more popularity day by day over the globe. It has barely a month since Fall guys were released and it has already sold more than 7 million copies of the game on steam alone. Now, It has become the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game ever, breaking all the past records.

Most of the people want to play this game on their smartphone, but it is currently available only on PC and PS4.

Since Fall guys will be released next year for smartphones, we bring you some best similar games like Fall guys for android and iOS devices.

Download fall guys on PC full guide.

So let’s jump into the list of similar games like Fall Guys for Android and iOS too.

Best similar games like Fall Guys for Android and iOS

1. Fall Dudes 3D
2. Oopstacles
3. Human Fall Flat
4. Knockout Race
5. Run Royale 3D
6. Hexagon Fall 3
7. Gang Fight
8. Run Sackboy! Run!
9. Totally Reliable Delivery Service
10. Milkman Karlson

# 1. Fall Dudes 3D

Fall Dudes 3D is one of the best similar games like Fall guys, it’s a chaotic physics-based game developed by PepUp Studio. In this game, you can play against 39 opponents.

All you have to do is move forward and defeat the obstacles that come on your way. Fall dudes let you complete a series of insanely laughable and absurd challenges. Also, you have to break doors, run past obstacles, give other players blast, and also kick off your opponents along the way. With the objective of making all levels more laughable and hilarious.

Again just like fall guys you have just run and don’t fall otherwise you are done.  You can choose what kind of guy you want to be and reach the crown level anyhow.

This game is only available for Android. You can play fall dudes 3D on PC too.

Download: Android  

# 2. Oopstacles

Oopstacles is a crazy physics-based arcade game available for Android and iOS developed by Crystal Pug Pvt Ltd. You will get the best mobile experience of Fall Guys.

This is the ultimate padded obstacle game. In this game, you have to help the captured creatures to reach their home with the ultimate obstacles. You can record GIFs during your gameplay to share.

There are 3 modes available in this game:

Challenge Mode – Contain 1250 crafted progression levels

Scream Mode –  Use voice control to make your avatar jog or run!

Versus Mode – lets you race against players from around the world.

This game comes with nice visuals, fun gameplay, responsive control, and unique challenges. It’s available on Android and iOS too.

Download: Android iOS

# 3. Human Fall Flat

Until the Fall guys come to the smartphones, there is Human Fall Flat to make your gaming experience delightful on both Android and iOS. It is the funniest multiplayer physics puzzle game developed by 505 Games Sri.

In this game, you are a wobbly human who keeps dreaming about surreal places filled with puzzles where he has to find his way to exit.  You can play with hordes of opponents, so you can play with friends and family and get an instant laugh.

It’s just like Fall Guys where vibrant color palettes and cute creatures lead the show.  That is the main reason why this game is on the list of similar games like Fall Guys.

Download: Android iOS

# 4.  Knockout Race

games like Fall Guys for Android and iOS

Knockout Race is similar to Fall guys, where you reach the crown first without falling off the cliff. Similar to Fally guys, here you can join the ultimate social party 50 players run together in a frantic and fun online battle royale platformer race. Also, round the clock to escalating chaos until one ultimate winner remains!

You have to jump, run, avoid obstacles and traps to finish the race and become the ultimate winner. You can customize your guy to knockout your friends in style, and show off your fashion.

Apart from that, there are two more minigames: spanning up to 5 rounds, like the obstacle course and elimination game. This game is available on only Android.

Download: Android  

# 5. Run Royale 3D

games like Fall Guys for Android

Run Royale 3D is the closest one to the fall guys in the term of gameplay and graphics rendering. Just like fall guys, here you have to run with a bunch of the other players against the insane physics-based obstacles on your way with many other challenges.

Here you have to make your own way and keep moving forward to win the level. While running make sure you don’t fall else you will kick out of the game, as there is no respawn functionality.

In the new update of Run Royale 3D, you can challenge your friends and family in the ultimate race for glory! This game is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Download: Android iOS

# 6. Hexagon Fall 3D

similar games like Fall Guys

Hexagon Fall 3D is a challenging falling racing game like fall guys. Like other games on this like here also you have run forward and try to don’t fall or else game over. You have to play against the other real people and be the last one before all Hex A Gone

You have to develop new strategies to bamboozle your opponents! As your level goes up, you can unlock super fun power and get an advantage in the field.

This game comes with quality and optimized graphics with real physics. Also, you will get so many skins and powers. There are special designed hard levels for 1 vs 1 challenge. Designed for this game, powerup, and boost your gameplay. Currently, this game is only available for iOS and it’s free.

Download:   iOS

# 7. Gang Fight

games like Fall Guys

Gang fight is a totally fun and action game available on the iOS platform. Accurate human physics simulation makes the game unique.

You have to fight with other opponents and be the last one standing in the arena. Once you throw out the arena, you will fall flat.

The character of this game is like a stickman. You can also play with your friends up to 8 players in one game.

Download:  iOS

# 8. Run Sackboy! Run!

Run Sackboy! Run! Is the new LittleBigPlanet theme endless runner game available for Android and iOS, even on PlayStation too.

Just like Fall Guys, your goal is to run as far as you can while collecting bubbles, stickers while completing a list of missions through an ever-changing world that is handcrafted. You can use these bubbles and stickers while customizing your costume and character.

The only drawback is there is no multiplayer gameplay which can be disappointing at some points. However, it’s the best alternative to the Fall Guys.

Download: Android iOS

# 9. Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Totally Reliable Delivery Service is not like Fall guys. But it’s graphics are most likely the same as the Fall guys. It’s a physics-based Simulation game developed by tinyBuild.

In this game, you have to deliver the terrible package with Unpredictable ragdoll physics. You have to pick up a package from the booth and deliver it at the given location within time.

You can play this game with 3 players, which means you can either deliver a product solo or with your three friends. Also, you can take a break from the delivery job and play around with the full of toys, vehicles, and machines that can be used for work or play. The graphics of this are really awesome with the huge map. Available for both Android and iOS.

Download: Android iOS

# 10. Milkman Karlson

Milkman Karlson is also a different but interesting game. It’s an offline physics-based action game developed by DaniDevStuff.

In this game, you have to stabilize your character as a Carlson, very loving milk, and kill enemies. At each level, the protagonist must collect all the packages with this drink, he needs to reach the end of the stage and stay alive.

The main attraction of this game is many different levels, kill effects, high-quality graphics, responsive controls. This game is only available on Android.

Download: Android  

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