4 Games Like Factorio you should play at least once in your lifetime.

Factorio is a real-time strategy game developed by Czech studio Wube Software as a construction and management simulation game. You will be mining resources, building infrastructure, fighting enemies, and automatic production. The game introduces a scientist who crashed into a foreign planet and had to accumulate infrastructure and establish production to create a rocket.

Starting, you need to do pretty much everything by hand. At the beginning of the game, you will find yourself chopping trees, crafting mechanical arms, transport belts by hand, and many more things, but in a short time, you will become an industrial powerhouse with robots, refining, manufacturing, and construction. Also, you have to defend yourself and your factory from the ferocious creatures. The best part is its multiplayer game. As an open-world game, even after the player completed the game, he still feels free to explore the world.  

Factorio is a fun game that requires lots of logic and strategy; although if you are bored with Factorio, and looking for the best alternative to Factorio then there are many similar games like Factorio available for PC, Android, and iOS. 

Similar Games like Factorio

#1. OpenTTD

games like factorio free

OpenTTD (Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe) is a business simulator game where players attempt to gain revenue through the transport of passengers and goods. This is an open-source recreation and modification of the 1994 Chris Sawyer Transport Tycoon Deluxe board game.

It’s a great tycoon game that makes you king in the world of transportation. You have to build a transport network needed to ship products, peoples, and goods to the right places in return to gain profit. Besides, you can use Boats, planes, and buses to provide top-class services to get a healthy income. 

#2. SatisFactory

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Satisfactory is a visualization platform designed by Coffee Stain Studios. This is an active-world discovery and factory development game for the first 3D person. As just an engineer, the gamer is thrown into an alien planet with a collection of materials. He has to cultivate the world’s natural resources to create even more and more challenging plants to automate any resource requirement.

The primary objective is to make the space elevator and start delivering more and more advanced models to the business in which the player serves for (Ficsit) for their uncertain objectives. The first-person edition of Factorio has been identified as the factory-building aspect of Satisfactory. This is one of the best games like Factorio. 

  • Price: 34.99 USD (for India Rs. 759)
  • Download Link: PC

#3. Rimworld

games like factorio for android

It’s an indie Top-down design and construction visualization board game by Montreal-based developers Ludeon Studios and Tynan Sylvester. Previously known as the Eclipse colony. 

Rimworld is an indie simulation video game about establishing a colony on a remote planet sometime in the distant future. The game revolves around 3 different characters in the future who are stuck on a planet which is in space, called Rimworld. Each character has different attributes. These attributes will affect how the character will contribute to the colony. As the game goes on, new characters will join the colony. 

  • Price: 30 USD (for India Rs. 749)
  • Download Link: PC

#4. Oxygen not included

Oxygen Not included is a Vancouver oriented game designed and created by Indie studio Klei Entertainment Survival optimization board game. Just like Factorio, oxygen not included is a strategy, space colony building game. 

There are 3 colonists (called clones) at the beginning of a new game. They are in an asteroid with isolated, respiratory pockets without any memories of how they happened to come there. You have to command that army of clones who survive underground for the foreign planet to build the space colony. 

  • Price: 24.99 USD (for India Rs. 569)
  • Download Link: PC

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