Epic Games teases Fortnite appearance by Brazilian soccer star Neymar

Epic game and Brazilian soccer player Neymar are teasing possibly an appearance by the star athlete in Fortnite on March 16th, with clues coming by way of few tweets. The gaming news blog Eurogamer first reported the news, with a video tweeted from the Epic Video Game account showing Neymar’s No. 10 jerseys next to what very much appear to be Brazil World Cup soccer balls.

Neymar also tweeted the video with the “Eye” emoji – not exactly a confirmation, however, one other clue that one thing is brewing.

Yes, Neymar also plays Fortnite and has played with popular Fortnite streamers like Ninja in the past, So this isn’t completely out of nowhere.

So how Neymar will appear in Fortnite are still scares, but as Engadget points out, it’s coming at the same time the Zero Crisis Finale single-player mission, – which is the main focus of the video teaser – launches.  

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