Electro Giant: Clash Royale announced their 100th card Electro Giant for the upcoming season 16

Clash Royale 15 seasons is about to end. Clash already full of different 99 cards, clash royale just announced their 100th card “Electro Giant “. Here is all that we have come to know about the new member of your deck.

The news was leaked yesterday a new card is coming to the new season. But today clash royale official youtube channel released the trailer of the new card. This card will available on 5th October in the game.

Electro Giant looks like the brother of the Giant. With huge goggle, beard, and two huge tesla-like rods in its back. However, the electric units are generally popular in mobile games because of their unique effect and attacking ability.

The effect of Electro Giant and its elixir cost is not revealed yet. But, The most important point from the trailer the zap rods stunned and defeat the Mega Knight mid-flight. Now that is very special because other than fishermen no one can do that.



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