16 Clash Royale chests with details – Clash Royale chest cycle 2020

The chest plays the most important role in Clash royale. By winning the online matches in arenas, you are rewarded with different kinds of chests. You can only have four chests waiting at a time. If you play new matches even after your chest slots are full, but can’t win any chest, only you will get Gold and Crowns. 

You can get new cards, gold, and sometimes gems by opening the chest. The more chest you can open, the more strong cards you will get. Your arena level will influence the type of card you get in the Clash Royale chests. Unlocking the new arena will add new Cards to the Chest rewards. 

So come to the point, here we listed all different types of chest available in the Clash Royale with their time and cost to unlock them, how you will get that chest, and what you get in the chest. 

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List of Clash Royale chests with details

1. Free chest

 free chest

Free chests are available in a quest as a free gift, it contains three free gifts that you can get one by one. Also, a free chest can contain 2-3 gems. 

Its content is similar to the silver chest with some more gold and increased chances of getting an epic or legendary card!

2. Crown chest

Crown chest

You can unlock the crown chest from Free tiers of Royale Pass after you win 10 Crowns in 1v1, clan wars, global tournaments, and party challenges but not in friendly battle or training camp. 

In every 24 Hrs, a new tier and new crown chest will be unlocked. Only on the weekend 2 tiers and 2 crown chests will be unlocked. 

3. Silver Chest

Silver Chest

Silver chests are the most common chest in Clash Royale. You can win this chest every time when you win a fight in a 1 vs 1 match. You have to wait for 3 Hrs or 18 gems to unlock that chest. 

It contains a few Common Cards as well as a Rare if the player is in Spell Valley or above. There are 180 silver chests in 240 chest cycles. 

4. Gold Chest

gold Chest

After the silver chest, the Gold chest is the second most common chest in the game. You can get this chest by fighting like a silver chest. It takes 8 Hrs or 48 gems to unlock and offers more cards and more gold than silver one. It contains two or more rare cards and some common cards. There are 52 gold chests in the 240 chest cycle.

5. Magical chest


The magic chest comes after the gold chest in third place. They are similar to the Giant chest, however, they are much rarer compared to the Gold or silver chest. 

You can earn this chest by winning battle or buying from the shop for 320 to 800 gems depending upon the arena level. It takes 12 hrs or 72 gems to unlock. It contains two or more epic cards and some rare or common cards. There are 4 magical chests in the 240 chest cycles.

6. Giant chest

Giant chest

You can get Giant chest by winning battles or purchase from the shop, they are rare as compared to Silver or Gold. It’s similar to the Magical chest. Mostly contains common and rare cards with one or two epic cards. 

You have to wait for 12 Hrs or 72 gems to unlock. There are 4 giant chests in the 240 chest cycles. Giant chests are great for upgrading your current deck. 

7. Epic chest

Epic Chest

The epic chest is tied up with Mega Lightning and Legendary Chests. You can earn from the battle or purchase from the shop. Only contains 20 epic cards, not any other cards like common or rare. 

You have to wait for 12 Hrs or 72 gems to unlock. The epic chest is not a part of the chest cycle. 

8. Legendary chest

 Legend Chest

You can get this chest from winning a battle, but it is a very rare chest. You can buy this chest from the shop for 500 gems when the offers will start. It contains only one legendary card from any arena. It takes 24 Hrs or 144 gems to unlock. The legendary chest is also not a part of the chest cycle. 

9. Lightning chest

Lightning Chest

You can buy a lightning chest from the shop and unlock it in the chest, but you can’t get it by winning a battle. You can get three cards that you can replace by another one of the same types that you don’t want. Higher arena lightning chests allow more strikes. You can instantly unlock this chest. 

 10. Fortune Chest

Fortune Chest

You can buy a fortune chest from the shop for 750 gems. If you are at arena 5 or more, the fortune chest gives you a glimpse of the future and see what chest might be contained. That means you know in advance which card you can get with that chest. 

You will get four different cards in that chest, where two out of the four featured cards are guaranteed upon opening the Fortune Chest. 

11. King’s chest

 Kings Chest

The king’s chest is available between 1 to 6 arena. It contains huge numbers of Epics cards, but you don’t have choices between the cards. 

12. Challenge chest

challenge chest

You can get the challenge chest only by participating in a victory challenge – 10 gems or a super challenge – 100 gems. The closer you get to 12 wins the more cards and gold you will get. 

13. Legendary king’s chest

legendary king’s chest

The legendary king’s chest is available in arenas 7-13. It contains one legendary card and for other cards, you have two choices between two cards of the same rarity and the same quality. The legendary king’s chest can appear in your quests once you reach Arena 7.

14. Mega lightning chest

mega lightning chest

The mega lightning chest is one of the most precious chests in Clash Royale.  It allows you to replace card stacks of your choice, and the number of strikes depends on your arena. It contains 8 cards in different quantities which means you can replace 8 times. 

This chest has high chances of containing a Legendary given the chest is from P.E.K.K.A.’s Playhouse or above. It’s not a part of a chest cycle and takes 24 Hrs or 144 gems to unlock. 

15. Clan war chest

clan war chest

For this chest, you have to participate in clan war cause at the end of every Clan War Season every clan member earns a War Chest. The clan members receive a chest according to their league (bronze, silver, gold, or legendary) and position in the war. 

16. Draft chest

draft chest

The draft chest contains tons of cards and gold. You can choose your desired reward between the two offers. For this chest, you need to have at least 4000 trophies in the ladder. Each month at the end of the season the player receives the draft chest. 

What is the clash royale chest cycle?

Do you think the chest you get from winning battles or challenges is randomly given to you? If yes, then you’re wrong. There is an order in the kinds of chests you obtain from winning battles.

There are 240 chests in one chest cycle. It contains 180 Silver Chests, 52 Golden Chests, 4 Magical Chests, and 4 Giant Chests in 240 chests – cycle. 

If all four chest slots are full and you win the battle, the chest cycle will stop until you have at least one chest slot open. 

Clash royale chest cycle

Clash royale chest cycle summary:

  1. In the clash royale chest cycle obtained from the 1 vs 1 battle, you get 240 chests. Which contains 180 Silver Chests, 52 Golden Chests, 4 Magical Chests, and 4 Giant Chests.
    This cycle takes around 44 days (A month and a half) to complete it.
  2. However, Epic and Legendary Chests are on a separate cycle. These two chests you will get once each with the 240 chest cycle. But they don’t assign any numbers. 
  3. You will get a Mega lightning chest between 500 chest cycles, and only one of the Mega Lightning Chest can be won per batch of 500 chests.
  4. Super magical chests are even rarer than the epic and legendary ones. But it appears once per 500 chests cycle. 

Some more tips for the clash royale chest cycle:

    1. Always keep opening your chest constantly to finish the chest cycle faster. If you stop opening your chest your cycle will also stop so try to open constantly.
    2. Use the chest cycle drop list which is given above to track how long you will have to wait to get an upcoming chest and which one you will get. You can track here too
    3. Always try to stay in a higher arena, to get better rewards from the chest. 
    4. Stay tuned for more updates…!

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