10 Best Snapdragon 835 Phones You Can Choose in 2020

2019 is the luckiest year for smartphone users….why because, events like CES and MWC unveils most advanced smartphones powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. Of course, 2018 is also a surpassing year, yet we are not missing Snapdragon 835 smartphones. The fact that snapdragon 835 phones are still competing others is…..its incredible stubborn features.

If you were still looking for snapdragon 835 phones…..then just stop google-ing and read this wishlist. This post consists of smartphones – ranges from 25,000 to 40,000– with different autonomy and performance. You can choose the best one you want…….Let’s get started…..

Here is the list Top 10 Snapdragon 835 Phones

1 – Nokia 8

Nokia 8

Price: Rs.26899

Nokia 8 smartphone is a high-end product that comes with Android inside. With the resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels, the 5.3 inches screen uses IPS LCD technology. The camera is equipped with a stabilizer and this helps to make videos and photos sharper. Now, you can shoot up to 13 megapixels and there is a Dual-tone double flash. The device supports mobile networks up to LTE, while Wi-Fi is a / b / g / n / ac and Bluetooth is 5.0. GPS is not missing and neither is the NFC chip.

Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Octa processor with support for 64 bit working at 2.45GHz and has a graphics processor Adreno 540. We then have 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of memory, expandable via a microSD. The battery inside this device is 3090 mAh which is not removable.

2 – Sony Xperia XZ1

Sony Xperia XZ1

Price: Rs.42990

Sony Xperia XZ1 could be a top of the range best buy if the launch price had been more contained. Certainly, it will not have solutions regarding particularly innovative displays and designs.

Sony Xperia XZ1 is equipped with a 19-megapixel camera with aperture ƒ / 2.0 but unfortunately without optical stabilization of the camera. It has a 3D Creation app that allows you to make animated faces. 2700 mAh battery may seem like a compromise and 3.0 Quick Charge allows you to get back on track very quickly.

3 – Oneplus 5T

Oneplus 5T

Price: Rs.32999

OnePlus 5T is a great smartphone, basically because it was the previous one from which it inherits almost everything. The biggest screen is then a very welcome addition. The changes in the camera sector are also welcome. The main camera remains the same 16-megapixel ƒ / 1.7 and the second 20-megapixel ƒ / 1.7 camera. It comes with Snapdragon 835 processor with the Android Nougat version. The battery of this OnePlus 5T does not change and remains from 3300 mAh.

4 – Xiaomi Mi MIX 2

snapdragon 835 phones

Price: Rs.29990

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 has matured, is more rational and is also the best Xiaomi smartphone ever. It is a revolutionary smartphone in design and beyond which certainly helped to boost the market of borderless smartphones. Even with less light, the photos remain quite good thanks to the stabilizer and 12 mega-pixels ƒ / 2.0 aperture.

Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 octa-core 2.45 GHz with graphics processor Adreno 540. Equipped with 6 GB of RAM as well as the internal memory available in the 64, 128 and 256 GB. The memory is UFS 2.1 and therefore of the fastest type possible. Now it is available in MIUI 10.1 stable and Android 9.0.

5 – HTC U11

is snapdragon 835 still good in 2019

Price: Rs.39990

HTC U11 is the top of the range HTC smartphone that we had been waiting for years. Great display, excellent camera, lightning-fast software, and top hardware.  It has a single 12-megapixel sensor with Ultrapixel technology (therefore larger pixels), aperture ƒ / 1.7and optical image stabilization. The software does not offer any revolutionary function, but it will be perfect for those who want a pure Android experience and good speed. Of course, this is the best snapdragon 835 smartphones. Recently, it receives the Android pie update. The battery remains the same as 3000 mAh with 3.0 Quick charge.

6 – Google Pixel 2 XL

phones with snapdragon 835

Price: Rs.39990

Google Pixel 2 XL is a brilliant phone, with a great camera, a software curated, fast and with good autonomy. Too bad for the slide on the display that is actually a marginal problem, but still disagreeable given the very high price. For all lovers of updates and Google software, Pixel 2 XL is an unmissable product. The 12.2-megapixel ƒ / 1.8 rear camera and 8-megapixel front camera are capable of creating portrait images. The 3520 mAh battery can offer good autonomy. The whole system is fluid and integrates various goodies like Google Lens.

7 – LG V30

LG V30

Price: Rs.45200

LG V30 is definitely an interesting product and in some ways certainly more than other solutions to the competition. The smartphone is made with a double glass slightly curved on the sides. It has the powerful Snapdragon 835 octa-core processor from 2.45 GHz with Adreno 540 graphics processor, it has 4 GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 128 GB of internal memory with UFS2.1 speed. As for all the latest top of the range LG also this V30 is equipped with a dual-camera. LG V30 is equipped with a 3300 mAh non-removable battery and supports wireless charging.

8 – Razer phone

Price: Rs.60000

Razer Phone is a particularly interesting phone with a couple of unique points, like the 120 Hz super-fluid display and two speakers never heard before on smartphones. Razer Phone is equipped with a 12 and 13-megapixel dual-camera system. Thanks to the collaboration with Qualcomm for the activation of the Q-Sync which synchronizes the refresh rate between the graphics processor and screen. Right now, its price is fallen and it receives the latest Android pie version. The 4000 mAh battery and Qualcomm’s 4.0+ Quick Charge is a boon for this smartphone.

9 – Moto Z2 Force

best snapdragon 835 phones

Price: Rs.34990

Motorola Moto Z2 Force is overall a good smartphone that will not leave you disappointed in any respect. You just have to take a little care not to scratch the unbreakable display. It has a 2.35 GHz Snapdragon 835 octa-core processor, an Adreno 540 GPU, 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal UFS 2.1 memory expandable with a microSD. Thanks to the dual-camera system. The battery is only 2730 mAh which disappoints. However, the price is high and not justified.

10 – Nubia Z17

Price: Rs.26400

Last but not least, Nubia Z17 is already a legendary flagship smartphone. It has a screen with a 2: 1 aspect ratio and very reduced frames, which will make it a full-fledged borderless. Even at the hardware level, this device is equipped with Snapdragon 835 and the storage combination of 6GB RAM + 64GB internal memory. The first smartphone with a dual-camera on both sides. Of course, it also supports 2018 smartphone trends. You could also trail this at once.

I hope, you got everything from this post. Then, be quick….. to buy one of these best snapdragon 835 phones now….

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