10 Best Electrical Engineering App You Should Have In Your Android

Smartphones made our life easy and smart too. As we know that there are lots of books and  PCs software available for Electrical Engineering. Electrical Engineers requires a deep knowledge of all things electrical and from mathematics to circuitry. So enabling electricians and electrical students to have access to easy electrical engineering app is a great way to improve workflow, productivity, knowledge, and accuracy.

So I have put together the list of 10 best electrical engineering app for android to help students and other peoples for all levels on the Android devices. This list of electrical engineering app below is not in particular order. You should try these apps because this app can make your job faster as ideal.

Most important these electrical engineering app for Android are free to download.

10 Best Electrical Engineering Apps

1. Electrical Technology

Electrical Technology is the best app for electrical background students. This application is available offline so you can use it without internet. Also, you can able to use the useful Electrical tools as well as Electrical & Electronics Engineering Calculators.

electrical engineering app

Articles, tutorials on Electrical, and Electronics Engineering and troubleshooting (step by step) about Basic Electrical Conception on the electrical and electronic topics you can learn something new anytime, anywhere without internet.

Also, this application has 10+ Advance Electrical & Electronics Engineering Calculators.

  • Advanced Voltage Drop Calculator
  • Parallel Resistor Calculator
  • Voltage Divider Rule Calculator
  • Required Value of Resistor for LED’s Circuit Calculator
  • IC 555 Timer Calculator with formulas & Equations
  • Battery Capacity & Size Calculator
  • Wire Size Calculator in AWG
  • Cramer’s Rule & Calculator (2×2 & 3×3) for Linear Circuit Analysis
  • Zener Diode & Zener Voltage Regulator Calculator
  • Power, Voltage, Current & Resistance Calculator
Download: Electrical Technology

2. EveryCircuit

This is another one best app for learning electrical and electronic engineering students. This app lets you understand that how to design different electronic circuits and how they work, with a huge library of components.

electrical engineering app

In this application, you can watch dynamic voltage, current, and charge animations of the circuit you made on the EveryCircuit. You can build a circuit like a Logic gate, LED flashing circuits, an operational amplifier, resistive and many more. While simulation is running, you can adjust parameters with analog knob, and the circuit will respond to your actions in real time.

The app is available for free in the play store, but if you want to unlock the full functionality you can purchase the full version.

Features of EveryCircuit

  • Growing public library of community circuits
  • Animations of capacitor charges
  • Animations of voltage waveforms and current flows
  • Analog control knob adjusts circuit parameters
  • Oscilloscope
  •  Automatic wire routing
  • Seamless DC and transient simulation
  • Saving and loading of circuit schematic
  • Mobile simulation engine built from ground-up
  • Single play/pause button controls simulation
  • Intuitive user interface
Download: EveryCircuit

3. Electrodroid

Electrodroid is application every electrical and especially electronics students, technicians, specialist and enthusiast must have. Apps feature a powerful helper for electronic specifications, references, and calculator. Some of the underscore tools on these apps are Resistor color code decoder, inductor color code decoder, Ohm’s calculator, Reactance calculator, Voltage divider, the resistor ratio and more. It has more than over 10 million users base.

electrical engineering app

It offers a free version of this app on play store with ads, but you can buy pro version to ads free, to support the developer and unlock more features.

This app includes (Tools) :

  • Resistor color code decoder (3-6 bands)
  • Inductor color code decoder
  • Ohm’s law calculator
  • SMD Resistor Code
  • Reactance/Resonance calculator
  • Operational amplifier
  • LED resistor calculator
  • Frequency Converter
  • Analog-Digital Converter
  • Y-Δ Transformation
  • AWG and SWG Wire size
  • Electrical Symbols & Schematic and other resources…Many more.
Download: Electrodroid

4. Electronics Toolkit

Electronics Toolkit one of the best application for electronics and electrical engineers. It is provided to calculate unknown quantities in both electrical and electronic. From this application, you can connect to a Bluetooth module like the HC-05 to talk with an Arduino or other microcontrollers with the terminal, button and slider modes. It has also 1 million Android users with positive reviews. The app has two versions free or pro.

electrical engineering app

This app calculates

  • The resistance of resistors by color code
  • The resistance of resistors in parallel
  • The output voltage of a voltage divider
  • The resistance of resistors in series
  • Resistivity
  • Power factor triangle
  • Magnetic fields
  • Reactance
  • The capacitance of capacitors in parallel and series
  • The resistance of one resistor in a balanced bridge
  • Reactive and apparent
Download: Electronics Toolkit

5. Circuit Jam

Circuit Jam is different from other electrical engineering apps, it’s a simulation game based on principles of energy flow through circuits. This game is developed by the creators of EveryCircuit. In this app, you have to make circuits to generates electronics signal wave of given shape.

electrical engineering app

Circuit Jam will teach you how to add and divide voltages and currents.  Also working of equivalent resistance and capacitance, and use Ohm’s law and Kirchhoff’s laws. If you complete circuits new sandbox of components will open. It has more than 100 puzzles to solve.

Using sandbox mode you can build any circuit you can imagine out of unlocked components. You can simulate simple circuits in class and understand how they really work. This app is free to download on Google play store, you can also go for pro version too.

It’s like “LEARN WITH FUN”

Download: Circuit Jam

6. EEP – Electrical Engineering

EEP – Electrical Engineering is the best application for electrical engineering students worldwide, especially those students who want to seriously learn and study. They provide a variety of technical articles presented in an understandable way, as well as  FREE handy guides, electrical software, and MS Excel spreadsheets.

electrical engineering app

They also offer video training on Electrical engineering, PLC Programming, Testing and Commiss, EE resources. You can either download their free android application from play store or go for their website. EEP

Generally, EEP covers following topics through articles, tools, and guides:

  • Industry Automation
  • Cables
  • Energy Efficiency
  • High Voltage
  • Hydropower
  • IEC Standards
  • Lighting
  • Low Voltage
  • Maintenance of electrical equipment
  • Solar Power
  • Smart Grid
  • Transmission and Distribution Systems
  • Transformers
  • Testing and Commissioning of HV/MV/LV equipment…Many more.
Download: EEP – Electrical Engineering

7. Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is the study of electromagnetism, electricity, and electronics. And this android electrical engineering app is better explaining these concepts and basics of electricity. The app is specially designed for learning a basic concept easily, revisions, references at the time of exam and interview. It’s free to download on google play store.

electrical engineering app

Few topics which covered in this app:

  • What Is Electrical Engineering
  • Classification of Engineering Materials
  • Battery Technology
  • Power Plants and Types
  • Electrical Power Transformer
  • Electrical Motor
  • Induction Motor
  • DC Motor or Direct Current Motor
  • Alternator Synchronous Generator
  • Transmission of power
  • Electrical Theorems
Download: Electrical Engineering

8. Basic Electrical Eng

This android app is a complete free handbook of Basic Electrical Engineering which covers basic of electrical and electronics topics, notes, materials, news & blogs. The app is the best app for learning electrical engineering. You can use this app as a reference material & digital book for electrical engineering programs & degree courses.

electrical engineering app

In this app, they provide 100 topics with detailed notes, diagrams, equations, formulas & course material, which are listed in 5 chapters. Students can use it as a detailed flash card notes, it makes it easy & useful. Also, you can set a reminder, edit the study material, add favorite topics, share the topics on social media.

Few topics which covered in this app:

  • Introduction of electrical engineering
  • KVL and KCL
  • All electrical theorems
  • Star-delta transformation
  • AC Waveforms
  • Phasor representation of Voltage and Current
  • Representation of Sinusoidal Signal by a Phasor
  • Three-Phase, Four-Wire System
  • Working Principles of PMMC
Download: Basic Electrical Eng

9. Electrical Engineering Dictionary

This is one of the best electrical engineering apps for electrical and electronic students. With more than 3400 Electrical Engineering terms and lots of Electrical Formulas and Equations, this dictionary app is best for you to learn and understand the basic concepts of electrical engineering. Also, they provide various types of the electrical calculators and quick guide of electrical symbols, formulas, equations, and graphs.

electrical engineering app

Electrical Engineering Dictionary App comprises of the following categories:-

  • Units and Measurements
  • Figures, Numbers, Coefficients, and Values
  • Devices/Hardware/Software
  • Materials
  • Theories/Technologies/Mechanisms/Properties
  • Standardization, Ratings, Collaborations, and Protocols
  • Signals, Indications, Conditions, and Relations
  • Symbols
  • Laws and Theorem
  • Miscellaneous

Various calculators to choose from:

  • Series/Parallel Resistor Calculator
  • Series/Parallel Capacitor Calculator
  • Cable Size Calculator
  • Power Factor Calculator
  • Voltage-Current-Resistance-Power Calculator
Download: Electrical Engineering Dictionary

10. Electrical Calculations

Electrical Calculations is the best electrical engineering app for calculations, it’s essential for electrical and electronics students. It has the ability to find out an unknown value of different quantities of electrical and electronic circuits. You can calculate current, voltage, active power, apparent power, reactive power, resistance, Operating current, Resistor color code.

electrical engineering app

The app is available in free and pro version, In pro version you can unlock many calculators. It’s also available in multilanguage so everyone can understand.

Download: Electrical Calculations
Note: There is one more best electrical engineering app is available but some reasons it’s not on Plays store right now. Rather you can check out this app on its website…

11. Electrical Study app

  • It has covered almost all the topics.
  • The best part is it can be used offline
  • Images and videos
  • Set of FAQs for each topic.
Visit Website: Electrical Study app


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Hope these Android apps are helpful for you. If you knew more electrical eng. apps then mention in the comment section so I can add it in the list. Don’t forget to share with your friends.

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