15 Unbelievable Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In Daily life, Marketing, Healthcare and Medical

Artificial Intelligence is like the world of science fiction, But you might be amazed to find out that you are already using it. Here are some applications of artificial intelligence such as Spotify, Netflix, Siri and among others.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has huge effects on your life, whether you know it or not, and its impact is likely to grow day by day.

So here I represent you some applications of artificial intelligence in Daily life, Business, Marketing, Healthcare, and Medical.

Why wait any longer, let’s get started!

Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In Daily Life

#1. Virtual Personel Assitant

Apple’s Siri, Window’s Cortona and Android’s Google Now are all intelligent digital personal assistant. They help the user to complete their task or find useful information when you asked for it using your voice.

You can ask “Where is the nearest South Indian restaurant?”, “Hey, Siri, Remind me to call John at 6 pm.” and They will response you by fiding information. They collect information according to your request and use it to better recognized for your speech, served you information that is customized to your preference.

#2. Video Games

applications of artificial intelligence

One of the best uses of Artificial Intelligence that most peoples familiar with, Video games. In fact, AI has been used in Video games, since very first video game made.

However, the complexity and effectiveness of AI have increased rapidly over the last few years, resulting in games character that learns your behaviors and reacts in unpredictable ways.

Whether you prefer Car Race games such as Forza Horizon, NFS or Asphalt, or Strategy games like Age Of Empire, or Shooting games Counter-Strike, Call Of Duty you will always find elements controlled by AI.

#3. Music And Movies Recommendation Services

Apps like Spotify, Netflix manage the helpful task; Recommending movies and music based on interests you have expressed and judgments you have made in past. By managing all the information and inserting them into the algorithm, these apps make recommendations that you are likely to be interested in.

#4. Smart Home Devices

Now Smart Home or Home Automation criteria are on a high scale on changing and converging. Many Smart Home devices have the ability to learn your behavior pattern.

For example, Voice-activated Ai assistants like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa to an interconnected system for Kitchen Appliances, Lights, Security Alarms and Thermostat these devices are made to make our life simple and convenient.

Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In Financial Services

#5. Fraud Detection

applications of artificial intelligence

Fraud has long been a major problem for financial services institutions. And as Online global transactions are increases and the dangers has too. Luckily, AI has enormous potential to reduced financial frauds.

Because of the availability of customers, data together with transactional data i.e. updated on transactional occur, Artificial Intelligence can effectively identify credit cards behavior pattern that re irregular for some customers.

#6. Financial Advisory Services

It’s no secret that AI rapidly change financial services industries with advances in Robo Advisor capabilities. As the pressure increased on the financial institution to reduces the rate of communications on individual investments, the machine may do what human doesn’t work for single down payment.

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#7. Managing Finance:

applications of artificial intelligence

Managing Finance in this well-connected world can be difficult for the task for many of us, as we look forward into the future we can see Artificial Intelligence can help us to manage our finance.

As you can see San Francisco based startup PFM (Personal Financial management) is the development of AI-based wallet. Which help consumers make a smart decision about their money when they are spending it.

I think with any doubt, AI is the future of financial industries. What do you think?

Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare

#8. Managing Records and data

Since the first step in Healthcare is collecting and analyzing data like medical records and other past histories. Managing data is one of the most widely used applications of Artificial Intelligence. They can store, collect, trace and re-format data conveniently and faster.

#9. Treatment

applications of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been created to analyze data, notes, and reports from patient’s file and clinical expertise- to help select the right, customized treatment path.

#10. Virtual Nurse

The healthcare startup Sens.ly developed molly, a digital nurse to help people monitor patient’s condition and follow up treatments between doctors visit.

#11. Bringing Intelligence To Medical Devices And Machine

In Medical, smart devices are critical for monitoring patient in ICU and elsewhere. Using AI to enhance the ability to find deterioration, suggest that sepsis is taking hold or sense development of the difficulties can significantly improve outcome and may be reduced cost related hospital-acquired condition to penalties.

Applications Of Artificial Intelligence That You’ve Never Even Thought Of

#12. The Chef With The Most Recipes In The World

IBM’s Chef Watson gives us a glimpse of the creative potential for AI. Chef Watson helps you create a recipe based on the ingredient you have. Its algorithm will go through which dishes can be prepared with your ingredients and then give you several options so you can choose which dish you want, along with instruction on how to prepare it.

#13. Self-Driving Cars

The current trend in the automotive industry is heading towards a more experienced Artificial Intelligence in vehicles; Self Driving Cars. A company like Toyota, have invested $100 million into R&D in the autonomous car. Tesla was the first automotive brand to launched Self Driving vehicles, and Audi, Cadillac, and Volvo are already developing their own models.

#14. Life On Other Planets?

applications of artificial intelligence

NASA is already using Artificial Intelligence to search for life on other planets, which will be the key for “Mars 2020,” the mission where the Red Planet will be explored more thoroughly.

#15. A Non-Human Language…

Facebook has recently started using machine learning to teach its chatbots to converse and negotiate amongst themselves that is chatbot to chatbot. And so far, everything indicates that the bots are very good at making deals… in fact, the condition reached a point where the bots were communicating with each other in their own language.

Wrap up

Without any doubt! many of applications of artificial intelligence we never imagined. It’s true that technology advances by leaps and bounds.

AI is everywhere, and it’s making a huge difference in our lives every day.

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