20 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Artificial Intelligence You Should Know

Artificial Intelligence is designing a machine that has the ability to think, and the machine can take a decision without any human interference. But there are many advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence too.

Giving thinking capacity to machines can emerge several advantages and disadvantages. There are plenty of statements are thrown around about AI ethics.

So is this all hyperbole or actually real facts? There are many advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence exist.

Before getting into it I can define Artificial Intelligence in a simple way…

So What is Artificial Intelligence?

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Artificial Intelligence|

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a computer system can be used to perform a task that would normally require a human. or In simple, It’s all about creating machines that have the ability to think like a human, now the scientist is aiming to introduce an emotional characteristic into machines.

According to the father of Artificial Intelligence, John McCarthy,

“The science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs”.

Here are the Advantages And Disadvantages Of Artificial Intelligence :

Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence : 

1. Enhance Efficiency:

AI provides work efficiency. Without the interference of human, so the error is reduced and the chance of accuracy increased. If machine would be built without any fault, so no doubt AI would perform the more complex task without any error.

2. Faster Decision: 

Using Artificial intelligence technology can help make a faster decision and carry out action quicker.

In Marketing, there are many complications to each marketing decisions. One has to know consumers needs and desires. Likewise, having a good grip of changing consumers is crucial to make any decision in marketing for short and long run. In that condition AI, modeling enables reliable insight into your personas. This technique can predict consumers behavior and through the support system, AI is able to support decision through real-time, up to date data gathering and trends analysis.


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3. In Daily Life:

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Artificial Intelligence

  •  In our day to day life, we use Artificial Intelligence in many applications like Apple’s Siri, Windows’s Cortona, Android’s Google Now are all intelligent digital personal assistant.
  • Video Games, almost most of the people familiars with games. AI has been used for a very long time in video games (Since very first video game).
  • Smartphone uses Artificial Intelligence in Autocorrect system and predicts what will we are going to type.

4. Emotional Intelligence:

In real life, we are literally very bad at emotional intelligence. Because of that sometimes we can’t think logically and take the right decision, our emotions are associated with moods that can affect human efficiency. But in Artificial Intelligence, the absence of emotions makes AI think logically and take right decisions.

5. No Break:

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Artificial Intelligence

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Artificial Intelligence

Unlike Human being, the machine can work 24*7 without any break. We required a break after some work to regain energy, Speed, and freshness while the machine can work without any break.

6. Reduce The Cost Of Training And Operations:

Deep learning and Neural Network used in Artificial Intelligence to learn new things like human do. This way machine eliminated the need to write a new code every time.

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7. Public Utilities: 

Self Diving Cars, which would be a major decrease in car crashes. We already have seen how many modern design self-driving cars have changed the world of so many disabled peoples.


8. Medical applications:

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Artificial Intelligence

Increasing the integration of AI in medical day by day is an increased cause of improving the efficiency of the treatment.

Sense.ly, medical startup developed Molly, A digital nurse to help people monitor patients condition and follow up the treatments, between doctor visits.

10. In Banking

In data Analysis in Baking: Through the machine learning, AI can easily consume and process large amounts of data at an expedited level.

applications of artificial intelligence

Fraud Detections: Most of the industries operating on the World Wide Web susceptible to fraudulent users and banking is no exception. But AI learns and monitor behavioral patterns of users to identify irregularity and warning signs of fraud attempt along with collections of evidence necessary for conviction.

11. Customers support

As natural language processing and speech processing technology grown, We draw closer to the day, When Robots and computer could handle most customers service quires.

12. Smart Wallet

San Francisco based startup PFM (Personal Financial management) is the development of AI-based smart wallet. Which help consumers make a smart decision about their money when they are spending it.

13. In Education

One teacher can’t manage to teach each and every student individually, but AI or Robots can easily adapt to each student’s individual learning needs and can target instruction based on their strengths and weaknesses.

14. In Agriculture System

Industries are developing and programming autonomous robots or AI to handle essential agriculture task such as Harvesting crops at large volume faster than labors.

Also using deep learning process they capture data by drones and software-based technology to monitor crops and soil health.

15. In Power System

Artificial intelligence and robots techniques can be used to improve the performance of the transmission line. Also, the control of the power system like Voltage control, stability control, power flow control is possible by AI.

There were many advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence.

Let’s talk about some disadvantages of artificial intelligence.

16. High Cost: 

Its creation requires high cost as they are complicated machines. The hardware and software in the machine need to get regular updates and maintenance with the time to meet the latest requirements as they required a high cost.

17. Lesser Jobs (Unemployment):

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Artificial Intelligence|

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Artificial Intelligence

The increasing numbers of automated machines leading to unemployment. As we know that machines d0 repeatable and routine task much better than humans.

In the future, Artificial Intelligence will displace many low skilled jobs. Probably, robot already has taken many jobs in manufacture industries and on an assembly line- but now it could be extended to a new level.

17. Can’t think out of Box:

The robot can’t act any different outside of whatever algorithms or programming is done in there. They can do only work that they are made for or programmed for.

We can take some unique circumstances or judgemental calls while we make our decisions. But sometime AI may not be able to do.

18. Addictions:  

We depend on machines to make everyday tasks more efficient. For Example, we have clothes washed by washing machine instead of doing that by hand as before or they clean dishes just by putting them into a dishwasher.

Today’s generation, most of the people are depending on mobile applications like Siri, Cortona, Google Assistance. If we don’t need our thinking abilities, these will be gradually decreased.

19. Exploitation of artificial intelligence: 

Misuse of anything is bad. But in the case of machines, it’s worse. We hear lots of time that misuse of technology can bring the world to the destructive end.

These are some advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence.

20. Self-Modify

Self-modifying, when combined with self-replicating, can lead to dangerous, unexpected results such as new and frequently mutating computer virus.

My thoughts on artificial intelligence growth

According to me, there are many advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence, Industries are adopting AI to do the work more effectively and one who goes forward with building up a career in it will find lots of jobs opportunities after few years. As a result, it is best to accept the change in the world we are living also take benefits from all stunning features that AI has to offer us.

And Stay tuned for next articles….!!

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