Top 5 Skyrim MODs of 2019

If you mix Skyrim, one of the best games and the ability to change the limits the game has, you will see that mods are the only answer. In the lack of a better word, mods are tiny files or software that changes the mechanics of the game. You can literally change anything. But, which mods are the best? Below is the answer. All the mods you can find at Zettamods and check them out today.

  • Sky UI

Sky UI changes the user interface of the game. If you have been playing the game for some time, you know that the user interface is complicated to use, annoying and comes with many issues.

The mod we have here will solve this problem and give you additional benefits. The benefits refer to the ability to offer a configuration menu located in the main menu of the game so players can tweak the game precisely as they like at any given moment.

  • Bug-fix patch

The patch is also considered as a mod and it has an important role. Basically, the patch will eliminate the errors and mistakes located in the game. In most cases, they refer to the objects that are not carefully positioned and they may look like flying in the air. The official patch won’t be able to correct all of those issues and you will have to install this mod to solve them.

  •  Realistic speed while moving

Skyrim may be the best game out there, but it isn’t without any problems. One of the most annoying is the animation which occurs while moving the character. You will see that he moves very slow or very fast without proper transition. The mod we have here solves that. The character will move slowly and will change the speed more realistically.

  •  Improved textures

There is no need to explain the mod in detail, the title does this instead of us. What it does is allowing you to see the textures of the armor and weapons, among other elements in detail and with a much better texture.

  • Performance improvement

For you who use older GPUs, this mod is mandatory. It affects falling leaves, snow, rain and etc. These elements require a lot of GPU power and they will decrease the FPS to that level where you will be annoyed by the movement. Luckily, the mod will decrease the texture and boost the FPS. Now you can play the game even with the older graphics card and don’t have to experience a massive FPS drop.

The final word

These mods are easy to install and they can change the game to that level where you can enjoy it completely and without any issues. Also, all the mods are stable and come without any issues or complications. Be free to check them out and find one or two that can make a massive difference and can modify your gameplay into something so much better.


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